5 Important Reasons Why I Won’t Change My Gyn

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We know the vagina is just a part of woman’s body as any other. But is it?

Let’s just take an example: sunbathing where even topless women wear pants (unless you go to a nudist beach). A lot of emotions and feelings pop up when people just see the vagina.

So I wouldn’t say it’s just another part of a woman body. It can become really uncomfortable when supervision is coming. And if it’s so, you have to think about changing your gynecologist because I realize in fact I can’t wait to see my specialist.

Here are the 5 reasons why I won’t change my gynecologist anytime soon. Her name is Katarina is and I simply love her.

1. She makes ease atmosphere.

When I was searching for my new gyn when I moved to this city I was looking for a female specialist because I thought this is a condition to make visits comfortable. But then I realized it’s really about personality, not gender. Although I have woman gynecologist man can also make you feel safe and comfortable lying on that chair with your legs spread.

Making you feel comfortable and relaxed is just about doctor’s perspective and attitude towards work and clients and it is best to just listen what your gut is telling you about your new gynecologist. If thinking about going to supervision makes you feel nervous and afraid it’s definitely a big sign to change your specialist.

2. My gynecologist is a really good listener.

Worst thing a gyn can do is not putting enough attention to your problems and concerns since you know your body the best. You need someone to rely on because your reproductive organs can be at risk so this is no joke. Your doctor must take a look at that and double check everything is ok. If your problems aren’t valid she or he have to explain if and why everything is normal and just simply explain what is biologically going on.

If your concerns are justified gyn needs to put enough attention to the problem and again explain why and what came to this and suggest next options and steps.

3. She thinks forward.

When I come to the supervision she already knows my history and even she has hundreds of clients I get the feeling she knows me as a person every time.

The first thing she does is asking me how I and then really listen to what I say and then explain every single step what will happen. This is especially necessary for the very first time at the gyn and the time of your pregnancy.

I remember when I conceived I really didn’t know how to tell that and what is important for her to hear and she guide me before I even start talking. It was such a release for me so I didn’t have to feel embarrassed.

Next thing she did was explaining how the supervisions through the whole pregnancy time will look like how often is gonna be when I will come to the ultrasound to what extra genetic tests I can go through pregnancy if I want and also gave me enough but not too much literature.

4. Logistics.

The gynecologist has to take enough time for you.

Your time is really precious and waiting for this specific check-up is uncomfortable no matter what. But most important is that your gyn really takes enough time for you even if having lots of clients that day and other concerns. Doctor and especially nurse need to predict how much time they need for every single client.

5. Nurse.

The first impression doesn’t make gyn but his or her assistant/nurse. When I came to the consulting room I came for a very special reason and didn’t see my doctor at all. I was only talking to the nurse and I already knew I want that specific woman’s doctor for my new specialist.

And last but not least is the relation or attitude between doctor and nurse. For me is really important that they cooperate fluently and there is no tension or unequal relation between them as you can see very often. This relation really says a lot about both of them.


What is your experience with gynecologists? I’d love to hear any thoughts at all on the topic.

Leave the comment below and let’s talk about it.

With love, Monika.

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