9 Foods to Boost Fertility in Men and Women

fertility foods
When you are trying to conceive, you want to work every angle possible to ensure speedy success. In that regard, you should consider these 9 foods to boost fertility in men and women to help your process along quicker while gaining the health benefits for yourself at the same time.

They are simple to try and since there are different choices, if you find that one does not suit your taste palate, try another instead. With the help of these foods, your trying to conceive journey may be short and sweet, moving you ahead to the pregnancy stage.

1. Chia Seeds

You may or may not have heard of chia seeds, but they are not a commonly eaten food by North American standards. However, they are also not difficult to find in your local grocery store. Most major retailers have these seeds in stock. You can opt to purchase them in bulk as well if you prefer.

They contain important nutritional benefits such as omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, and protein which all work to promote heart health, vitality and a healthier reproductive system. (Chiaseedsreviewed.com, 2014)

Along with enhancing overall health and energy, chia seeds can help women produce more cervical mucus, which helps sperm travel to the egg swiftly and safely.

2. Green Tea

As with anything, in moderation, green tea is a helpful promoter of good health. Green tea contains antioxidants to flush your system of harmful toxins which could be hindering your attempts at conceiving. For men, green tea can also improve the quality of their sperm with a chemical compound called ECGC. (Nadia Mason, BSc MBANT NTCC CNHC, 2013)

For women, green tea can help cleanse your body of toxins and prepare it for growing a baby. There are also chemicals within the green tea which are believed by some scientists to help along the formation of viable, healthy embryos. (Your Tea Headquarters, 2017)

3. Oysters

Providing there are no known allergies in your family, serve up a plate of oysters for both of you. They are not only a well-known aphrodisiac but also work as a fertility booster. These superfoods from the sea are loaded with the mineral zinc, which is important in the production of both healthy eggs in women and healthy sperm plus increased testosterone in men. (Womens-Health-co.uk, 2017) They are a great way to balance out the hormones to have your body “baby” ready.

4. Spinach

This superfood isn’t just foforPopeye anymore, it works to help boost fertility in both men and women too. There are numerous nutritional benefits of spinach, but in terms of fertility, the most important nutrient is iron since this assists with red blood cells. The red blood cells carry oxygen to all parts of your body and keep your energy up too.

This is important in reproductive health. Also, spinach contains folic acid which will help prevent neural tube defects once pregnancy occurs. The quality and speed of sperm are improved through the nutrients found in spinach too. (GynOB.com, 2008)

5. Wild Salmon

It is best to choose wild over farmed since farmed salmon may contain toxins from food dyes and even antibiotics which you don’t want to add to your own body. Wild salmon contains both omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which work to reduce inflammation and produce hormones to regulate the menstrual cycle. (Hethir Rodriguez, 2017)

For men, omega-3 and omega-6 is found to be very beneficial as well. There are studies relating higher sperm quality to a higher consumption of fatty fish like salmon. (Weatherby, 2013)

6. Full Fat Dairy Products

For years we have been told to cut out or cut down on our fat intake. While this is true for certain types of fat, full-fat dairy is great for fertility boosting. Choose full-fat cheeses, milk, yogurts and more to benefit from their nutrients. Women will experience boosted ovulation and in turn better chances of conceiving. (Consumer Health Plus, 2017)

Dairy also is rich in calcium, which your body requires for healthy bones, healthy blood and help develop your nervous system. (GynOB.com, 2008) These key features will assist in having your body in top shape for making and growing a child.

7. Garlic

This is an easy food to add to your current meals and only makes them more flavorful, too. Garlic is packed with selenium — an important mineral which fights off free radicals in the body. Men with higher levels of selenium in their diet experience improved sperm count and more potent sperm, which can impregnate the egg with a higher success rate. (Medichron Pubications, LLC, 2016)

While it is true that selenium is mostly beneficial to male fertility, women should have a normal level in their diet as well to maintain good health. It is said to help lower the rate of early miscarriage once pregnancy has occurred, so keeping a healthy level now will mean your body is prepared for pregnancy.

8. Eggs (with yolks!)

In most diet-conscious books and articles, eggs are demonized as a high-fat option which must be eaten very sparingly. However, for the purposes of fertility, eggs can do great things! Cooked with yolks still runny, they are full of protein, vitamin D and B6.

These all assist in the production of progesterone—a key hormone in achieving and sustaining a pregnancy. (Women’s Health, 2014) For men, the B vitamins and protein are beneficial in contributing to overall health, balanced diet and higher quality sperm production.

9. Black Beans

Get that chili cooking now! Black beans are nutrient dense food and provide great fertility benefits for both men and women. They are packed with protein and fibre just to start, which have been found to help in the conception process. Fibre works to lower blood sugar levels and balance out pH levels in the body. (Axe, 2017)

Balancing out blood sugar has been found to be helpful in a healthy hormonal balance and, helpful to those suffering from PCOS. For women, the added feature of black beans is their rich content of folate, a much needed mineral for a healthy pregnancy which should be started before conception to build up levels in the body. Black beans can be used in soups, stews, casseroles and many Mexican dishes. They are affordable and enjoyable too!


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