“It’s going to be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.”

It is all about getting pregnant when you want and how you want it. On your terms, right?

Seems pretty good in theory, but then you face things like:

  • Biological clock works different at age 35, than at age 24.

  • The cost of solving infertility can easily rise to $100.000+.

  • Pinpointing fertile days is hard. And if you don’t know fertile days, you are playing against the odds.

  • Infertility is something our society doesn’t discuss much.

Here’s the thing: you are not taught about your body the right way. The school system didn’t arise to the task of teaching you and going through all the media is time consuming and confusing at best.

We want to separate the noise and fluff from the solid, research-based facts like:

  • You can have a child after 35.

  • Being on the pill for too long will not delay pregnancy.

  • All women don’t ovulate at the exact same time in their cycle.

  • Making an appointment with a reproductive health specialist does not automatically means IVF.

  • Only one-third of cases is infertility caused by a female.

So, what is Kunapapi solution?

kunapipi slack community

We share all of our knowledge and experiences to help inform, support and offer relief in the area of reproductive health. We do that with the help of the professional OBGYNs.

Let’s get started on your calm journey.

The Kunapipi Team