Can I Have A Successful Career And Be A Hands-on Mom?

No matter in what stage of your career you are, you can always be more successful, make more impact and be better at what you do.

Nowadays is extremely hard for women to be a great mother beside having a successful career. Time changes and we are becoming more and more equal between genders. Women make money and men doing a housekeeping and actively raising kids together with their partners. But there is still a lot more pressure on mothers.

People have a lot more expectations from a mother than a father.

There is no simple answer on if you can be a great mom and have a successful career as it depends on a lot of different facts here.

Let’s just see a few of them: is your partner cooperative with your daily tasks, what do you even want and imagine your career is going to look like (This is a big one!), do you respect your limits? The list goes on.

Since a lot of women are concerned about having children before they build a career I want to show you, how can having a baby help you make one and be better at both of them – career and motherhood.

Giving A Birth Gives You An Incredible Power

No labor is easy.

Even if you get an epidural or give a birth by cesarean section. Every woman goes through psychic and physical pressure and preparation through the whole pregnancy.

However, you can never prepare as good for the labor as you wish you would. During a labor, a lot of changes can happen and besides this is the most sensitive time woman can go through. Once the labor is done you are different person whether you want it or not.

By that I mean you are responsible for a person who totally depends on you so your brains and body are responding to the responsibility and are more powerful than ever before. The labor itself gives you an incredible power proud and energy you can pass on to your career.

If You Can Be A Mom, You Can Be Anything

Being a mom means being responsible for a person.

Everything you do it has an influence on your kiddo. Some things more some things less. Through pregnancy, your body is preparing for your new role and you can use it in every sphere of your life like a career for example. Raising a child is the most difficult job in the world and if you can handle this one you can be even better at your career.

You have more understanding how other people feel so your business relations are improving, you are naturally more defending to your baby so you just import it onto your business and become more successful and be proud on your kids transmit to your work and contribution and people are going to trust you and respect you more.

If you can be a good mom, you can be even better business women.

You Can Do Even More When Having A Packed Schedule

busy mom
Think about it.

Compare a day when you have only one or two things on your to-do list and day when you have to go for a work, go to a meeting, have to have a ton of errands done clean the apartment because someone is coming for a visit in the evening and make a dinner.

Somehow you can handle it better and easier than those 2 little things couple of days before. It’s not just because you know you don’t have much time for each of them and you organize your timetable better but adrenalin also keeps you on the drive so it takes less time to have done one thing and you are more efficient.

When you have children there is less time, so you are better organized and gentle pressure helps you get things done better and faster.

Work Itself Makes You A Better Parent

You know yourself the best.

If career and work are high on your priority list, you are going to be miserable sooner or later if you are going to become a housekeeper particularly and be always on hand just for your kids.

The child needs a mother more than anything but more than a mother needs a joyful mother. For most parents happiness and health are two most important matters in their life that’s why you have to be the first example of a way of life you want for your children to have.

When are creative and productive consequently results show it probably makes you feel proud of yourself and worthwhile. Your children are going to see it and feel which means this is going to make them cheerful.

You want to teach your kids how to overcome yourself how to be successful how to be fulfilled and so much more you can be so much better at work than you were without having a kid.

There are days when everything is just too much and very rarely feeling bored or at least fewer things to do but I am significantly more successful than I was before my child was born.


I believe I am not an isolated case so I would like to hear from you how is your baby helping you to be more successful. And also what are biggest challenges when balancing those two important fields of your life.

I’d love to hear any thoughts at all on the topic.

Leave the comment below and let’s talk about it.

With love, Monika.

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