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What is Kunapipi?

Kunapipi is EU based technological startup with experienced people behind it. We are improving gynecological healthcare using mobile technology. Currently, we have over 15 OB/GYN available to assist you in any way necessary.

We are on a mission to help every woman make independent and informed decisions for her own body & life — with confidence. 🙂

How does Kunapipi work?

Nope! Kunapipi is a 100% free for all users to ask a question. No hidden fees or paywalls. Just click here to get started. If you want to schedule an OB/GYN consult, then there is a flat 25€ one time fee.

What are the subscription options for Kunapipi community??

You can either ask a free question here or schedule an OB/GYN consult.

With Kunapipi you can get help with problems and symptoms that are good for diagnosing without physical examination.

You can easily schedule an OB/GYN consult via chat/phone/video, at a time and place that suits you, via your smartphone or tablet (or computer).

What types of questions I can ask on Kunapipi? Are there things that Kunapipi cannot answer?

Specialists on Kunapipi can answer top asked questions to female sexual and reproductive health and wellness.

We are continually working to expand our pool of OB/GYN experts capacity to provide personalized, evidence-based answers to a wide range of women’s healthcare topics.

Can I use the service immediately?

Yes. Once you’ve completed your OB/GYN consult purchase, you’ll have immediate access to our email-an-OB/GYN services.

Within hours, you’ll be notified with an additional email from Kunapipi once your enrollment process is complete. When you receive that email, you will be immediately able to request your consult!

Can Kunapipi handle emergencies?

No. For all emergencies, please dial emergency line or go to your local emergency room.

Can I request a particular doctor?

Currently, you cannot request a particular doctor.

Btw, what does Kunapipi even mean?

In Australian aboriginal mythology, Kunapipi is a mother goddess and the patron deity of many heroes. She gave birth to human beings as well as to most animals and plants, and Mother Goddess and patron deity of many heroes. Read more here. 🙂 

What if I already have a personal  OB/GYN?

Kunapipi is not meant to replace your primary care physician, but rather support that relationship. For example, it’s estimated that 70% of physician visits can be handled via phone.

However, there are times when we will recommend you see your primary care physician in person or help guide you to one if you do not have an existing relationship.

How much does an appointment with a Kunapipi OB/GYN cost?

It’s just 25€ flat (no hidden or additional fees) for all consultations lasting less than 10 minutes. For consultations exceeding 10 minutes, 25€ will be charged for each additional 10-minute block.

What conditions can you treat?

We can diagnose and recommend treatment for non-emergency medical issues.

What happens if the OB/GYN cannot solve my issue?

If the OB/GYN cannot solve your health issue, she lets our team know, and they will make sure to not charge your credit card.

Is my medical information safe?

Yes. Your health and privacy are our top priorities. Your information is kept confidential and is not shared with anyone outside the organization.

Is my credit card information secure?

Yes. Your credit card information is kept safe and is not shared with anyone outside the organization.

How old do I have to be to use Kunapipi services?

You must be 18 years or older to sign up for the Kunapipi service. Any family member can use the service, regardless of age, so long as a parent or guardian is present when using the service for any child under the age of 18 years.

Do I need insurance to use the service?

No. You do not need to have a health insurance plan to access our OB/GYN. Just pay our low flat fee and you can speak or video chat with a doctor anytime.

Short legal disclaimer:

Kunapipi is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment, and you should also seek the advice of a your doctor or your other qualified healthcare provider wherever you may need medical care.

Never delay seeking advice or disregard professional medical advice because of something that you read or see on Kunapipi.

Have more questions?

Our support team is available 24/7 and usually responds in well under an hour.