We’re looking for insight, expertise and unique perspectives. If you’re an author, we like our articles informative, evidence-based and accurate. If you’re looking to submit a piece based on personal experience, it should be memorable and relatable.

Think you have the kind of experience that’ll help us in that mission?

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What you can write about

The rules of guest post

What you will NOT do

How to submit your guest post

How to submit your PERFECT guest post

What you can do, if your guest post is accepted

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We accept guest posts on the following topics:

  • fertility,

  • infertility,

  • IVF,

  • PCOS,

  • natural conceiving,

  • fertility treatments,

  • male fertility,

  • health eating advice,

  • complimentary therapy,

  • any topic related to above.

Your Post Will:

(Before reading this massive list, take a deep breath.)

  • have a killer title.

  • have an introduction that attracts interest and makes the reader want to read further.

  • have headings, subheadings, bold font for key sentences and bulleted lists so it is easy to read.

  • have a conclusion.

  • have its content be well researched, resourceful and engaging. (Always ask: “How can readers benefit from this?”)

  • tell a story. It will have who, what, when, where, how, and why. (Make it personal. Be human.)

  • not have buzzwords. (If you can’t go around, explain.)

  • provide at least one “aha moment.” (Leave readers thinking something like this:”Now I get it.” “That’s a new perspective I hadn’t considered. . .and it changes the way I think about this.”)

  • be a minimum of 1000 words.

  • be submitted in Google Docs format only.

  • have paragraphs short. (No longer than 4 lines.)

  • be exclusive to Kunapipi and cannot be reposted, or syndicated elsewhere.

  • have proper spelling, grammar and sentence structure. (First, run your post through Grammarly’s free service. Please don’t submit an article with errors; it will get rejected. Second, run your error-free post through the HemingwayApp (also free). Shoot for a 7th grade or below reading level and a minimal amount of “hard to read, adverb, passive voice” errors.)

  • have all images be original or appropriately cited.

  • give credit. (Cite your sources.)

  • have included your own byline (approximately 50 words) and author photo at the end of your guest post.

Failure to comply with any of these requirements may result in delay, rejection or removal of the guest post from Kunapipi. We reserve the right to approve/reject or edit content and links as we see fit.

A Big NO-NO:

(This is not negotiable.)

  • affiliate links.

  • anything that may be construed as a link-building scheme.

  • anything that’s too promotional for your company or organization.

  • anything that’s offensive or inaccurate.

How To Submit Your Guest Post (In 6 Steps):

  1. Get an idea of what our audience wants by going through our posts.

  2. Send us an email with your idea only. Don’t send any full posts, we won’t read them. Send your email to tilen@kunapipi.com with ‘Guest Post Request‘ in the subject line.

  3. Wait for us to approve your idea. We should get back to you within a few days.

  4. Write your post and send it back. Refer to the section above to see what your post needs to look like.

  5. Make any requested revisions. Some of our guest posts go through 2-3 rounds of revisions, and we also go through and make our own edits.

  6. If all goes well, we will publish your guest post within a month of accepting it.

How To Submit Your PERFECT Guest Post:

Kunapipi tries to provide our audience with useful, practical, actionable information that brings them immediate benefits.

  1. Noticed a problem you know how to solve? Teach a better way of, or how they can eliminate a frustration.

  2. Know any tricks, tactics or strategies that improved your life/fertility? Share them and challenge our audience to try it for themselves.

  3. Feel strongly about a situation? Explore the pros and cons, be contrarian, and present persuasive arguments for your opinion.

Your post should include examples and/or clear how-to steps so that women/man/couples can apply your ideas or advice to their lives immediately.

If your guest blog falls in one of these 3 categories, you hit the home run. 🙂

After Your Guest Post Is Live:

  1. Follow-up and interact with readers. We expect you to be around the day your post goes live to respond to comments.

  2. Spread your post around. We expect our writers to be proud of what they post, and to show it by helping to share it around their networks.

That’s it – we look forward to seeing your email!

p.s. We reserve the right to include calls-to-action to our content, including but not limited to email newsletters, ebooks, and other downloadable content.
p.p.s. We don’t pay for guest blogs.