Heather from Indiana

The story of who I really am I am 30 years old. I have a full time job working at a gas station. I have a wonderful husband of going on 7 years years of marriage. We have a puppy and her name is Juliet. I love to be outside and camping and sometimes go fishing. I love to watch movies romance are my favorite.

How long were you trying to get pregnant? (If you already have a child, write how long did it take.)
6 plus years.

If you went to the doctor, what was your diagnosis?
Pcos and heart shaped uterus.

What was your prescribed treatment?
Clomid metformin birth control.

When did you discover that building your family might be harder and more complicated than you anticipated? How did learning you had fertility issues make you feel?
I have learned that I had issues when I was younger like in my teens. When I had irregular periods. It makes me feel angry because everyone around me are having baby’s.

Describe the hardest part of your fertility journey. What made your journey easier?
The hardest part would have to be that I am not able to get pregnant and seeing my sister in law and brother have a baby first. Being around family talking to my mom.

What were some highs or lows of your fertility treatment(s)? What hurt or worried you the most?
Some high and lows would be the high of it would be that we found out that I can have a baby but it will be hard to have them would be my low also that the treatments wasn’t successful and that I would have to go to a specialist but then I will have to pay out of my pocket to see them.

What have you learned from your fertility experiences?
I’ve learned that there is help out there but you have to work your way to them.

If you were starting your fertility journey again – what would you do differently?
I would go to a different doctor to see what they could do for me before quitting and to try to lose weight.

What are your favourite resources about fertility (websites, books, blogs or articles)?
There’s this app called Glow I like to go to because it has people like me on there and we can talk about our journeys and get some tips.

What information and products made the difference for you?
There hasn’t really been any products that’s has helped yet.

What advice do you have for others struggling with infertility?
I would like to say to never give up and to keep your head up high it will happen when you least aspect it I’m hoping for my miracle and I’m not going to give up. Even if my only thing would be to go through with adoption in the future.

Do you have a favorite inspiring quote that could help others?
None that i can think of.

p.s. If you have a story to tell, we would like to read it.

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