Lawna from Utah

“I am a wife and mom to an angel. I would give up anything for my friends and family. After all, without them life wouldn’t be worth it.”

How long were you trying to get pregnant? (If you already have a child, write how long did it take.)
20 months then loss 15 months and counting.

If you went to the doctor, what was your diagnosis?
Didn’t go.

What was your prescribed treatment?
I didn’t have one.

When did you discover that building your family might be harder and more complicated than you anticipated? How did learning you had fertility issues make you feel?
I discovered it around 10 yrs old. I had been sexually abused which has contributed to it. Devastated .

Describe the hardest part of your fertility journey. What made your journey easier?
The hardest part is may not be able to give my hubby a baby, and knowing that someone else’s actions contributed to that.

What were some highs or lows of your fertility treatment(s)? What hurt or worried you the most?
Haven’t had any treatment yet.

What have you learned from your fertility experiences?
I have learned I need to forgive myself and know that God has a plan for everyone even if its not what we plan for.

If you were starting your fertility journey again – what would you do differently?
Start earlier, temp sooner, go to Dr. sooner.

What are your favourite resources about fertility (websites, books, blogs or articles)?
Facebook groups have been the biggest source of help.

What information and products made the difference for you?
Bbt temping. Learning my body.

What advice do you have for others struggling with infertility?
You know your body, if u feel something is wrong get help.

Do you have a favorite inspiring quote that could help others?
“With a baby or without, you ARE good enough.”

p.s. If you have a story to tell, we would like to read it.

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