When Are You Really Prepared For A Child?

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A lot of people especially women has a dream or a vision of how their adult life is going to look like.

At least I knew what I want later in my life. I must say I am really thankful for what I have achieved so far and for all what I have today.

At this point, I invite you to also think for yourself what have you achieved so far and be proud what you created in your life whether you expected it or not.

Now, if I go back where I was. A lot of little girls dream of having a baby and playing with dolls and so on (the maternal instinct?). If you are a woman I believe you know what I am talking about.

So you may know you want house or apartment, maybe you have a clear vision for your career if you want to get married or not and if you want to have children or not and how many children, of course.

But when you are a child you don’t really know that a lot of things won’t go as you planned and won’t go in a specific sequence.

If you are anything like me, you try to be prepared for everything.

You have to make a career first, get the most wonderful boyfriend and then get married, after two years buy a house and at the end when everything is prepared you two can now, at last, have a baby.

This was maybe also your vision for the future.

You probably see life has different plans for you sometimes.

It definitely has it for me. I don’t have a successful career (yet), I don’t have a house (yet) but I do have the most wonderful partner and most wonderful father of my son.

Was I prepared for my baby back then?

This is not a simple yes or no answer. But if I need to answer it with yes or no, I would rather say no.

Why is that?

I would like to expose 2 different facts right now.

From one perspective I wasn’t ready because I didn’t have a stable job and didn’t know if I will have enough money to enable everything I wish for my son. Even though I had a feeling everything’s going to sort out somehow I always look realistically at life situation.

So I started to ask myself if there will be more proper time for me having a baby. My biggest scare was that I am going to have a career couple years later and a house, but what if I won’t get pregnant.

The second doubt was more complex and I believe every single mom or expecting mom know that feeling and that is THE question:


If you are a mother already you now know the answer but if you aren’t, let me tell you – of course, you are going to be not just good but great mother.

Nature has to provide everything. While you are pregnant, your brains start to change, your body starts to prepare physically and psychologically for having a baby. You will notice that every day something different is happening.

(Next time I am going to talk about how woman’s body and brains are preparing when you adopt a child)

So can you be enough or ever prepared for having a baby?

I think the answer is no.

But if your gut is telling you to have a baby right now even if a lot of other stuff isn’t going how you planned and even if you doubt you’re maternal skills, nature will help you and support you so everything is going to be ok at the end.


Do you think there is specific/right time to have a baby? I’d love to hear any thoughts at all on the topic.

Leave the comment below and let’s talk about it.

With love, Monika.

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